Giokam Engineering limited Solar Energy Company Asaba Delta State

Power Solutions

  • Power Solutions • ECOnline: “ECO friendly and ECOnomic” Online UPS Systems
  • Sine wave Inverters /UPS
  • Solar UPSs and Solar PCUs (Power Conditioning Units)
  • Batteries
  • Proven Technology and in-House R&D 
  • Product Array 

Power Systems

  • Installation and maintenance of Solar-Inverter systems 
  • Powering of bank ATM Machines
  • Sales and distribution of solar panels, batteries, charge controllers and rectifiers
  • Sales and distribution of DC and Low energy products such as: fittings and lighting panels Surface lighting & Pop lighting Domestic, industrial and city load planning Online server backup systems

Other Services

  • Design and implementation of microwave network
  • Full city transmission network design for microwave and fiber
  • Site/link survey and audit
  • Installation of Local Area Network (LAN) solutions
  • Intercom systems

  • Installation of analogue cameras, AHd cameras, conventional digital cameras and standalone IP cameras
  • Installation and maintenance of CCTV networks
  • Electric Fencing