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Power Solutions

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Power Solutions

  • Installation and maintenance of Solar Inverter systems
  • Powering of bank ATM Machines
  • Sales and distribution of solar panels, batteries, charge controllers and rectifiers
  • Sales and distribution of DC and Low energy products such as:
  1. Fittings and lighting panels 
  2. Surface lighting & Pop lighting 
  3. Domestic, Industrial and city load planning 
  4. Online server backup systems

Array We offer a range of solutions to control the frequent breakdown of power. Our array includes:

  • Online UPS
  • Line Interactive UPS
  • Domestic UPS
  • Inverters
  • Charge Controllers
  • Batteries
  • Solar Panels (All systems are microcontroller based and the range is from 300VA to 250KVA in UPS and 1KVA to 1500KVA in stabilizers).

We manufacture high frequency Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) based true ONLINE UPS with pure sine wave output. Some of the main features of this range of UPSs are:

  • All our designs are Micro-controller based 
  • Power Factor Corrected (PFC) {save up to 40% electricity} 
  • Double Conversion topologies with galvanic isolation 
  • LC Display to measure and display all input and output voltages and currents. Messages and warnings are also displayed
  • We use IGBTs as switching devices for inverters in all capacities
  • UPS management software with remote monitoring
  • MPPT charge controller for solar applications
  • Low energy consumption on ideal mode
  • High charging up to 60 AS

We are one of the very few with an OEM partner who possess the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) rectifier technology, which gives very high input power factor. We manufacture lkVA to 125INA UPSs

These micro controller/ DSP based UPSs are with pure sinewave output and can be used for PCs, bank ATMs or for home lighting. With good looks, stunning features and low cost, our Inverter is a market leader. Some of the main features are:

  • 1KVA —10 kVA
  • Microcontroller/ DSP designs
  • SMPS charger—charges from as low as 120VAC
  • Synchronous change over (especially needed for sophisticated equipments like PCs, LCD/LED TVs etc) #
  • All protections including best in industry short circuit protection
  • Noiseless operation
  • Anti-MOSFET blast lock on battery removal/disconnection
  • Solar charge controllers

We have added high efficiency charge controllers to our product line. They are available with UPS systems or as separate stand alone systems. Three types of charge controllers that we currently have are: 

  1. On-Off charge controllers 
  2. Zero drop PWM charge controllers
  3. MPPT charge controllers

Some of the main features are: 

  1. Microcontroller driven
  2. Solar optimisation function
  3. Three times PV array open circuit voltage
  4. Three different designs — On-Off, PWM & MPPT: from 12V to 360VDC, 15A-300A
  5. High efficency {>95% in MMPT} 

We deal with all the two types of batteries, Tubular and SMF- complete range. But with UPSs, strongly suggest use of Tubular or SMF type only. We have our own brand of Tubular batteries. Some of the other brands we deal with are EXIDE, AMARON, ROCKET and PRIME. All these brands are tested and certified by all leading testing agencies and all of them have ISO certification, which stands as a mark of quality

GIOKAM Engineering is one of the very few companies nationwide who can boost of an in- house Modern Test Lab and R&D Team. All our products and other Vendors’ Products are tested for genuineness of protection features by its own test and the R&D team and are extensively tested before deployment. GIOKAM Engineering has overtaken many stalwarts in the industry absolutely because of its focus on technology. Integration of digital and power electronics is its USP. “DIGITAL UPS” and it has many designs & products in collaboration with her OEM Partners, which are first in the country. IGBT rectifier ONLINE UPSs, intelligent software with remote switching and Internet connectivity etc. are some of them.

ETDC, CPRI, IIT Delhi and PCQ labs are some of the testing bodies who have appreciated and recognized GIOKAM Engineering OEM partner’s products because of its excellent performance, besides many satisfied customers.